Whether you are an established business that is taking a critical look at all the market has to offer or a new business looking to have your meters energized quickly, we are able to work within your business need.

Understanding the basics of how you consume electricity can greatly affect the rates receive from electricity providers. LEARN MORE...

Understanding the basics of how you consume electricity can greatly affect the rates receive from electricity providers. We are able to quickly establish an understanding of your electricity consumption and business need and provide custom tailored recommendations for managing and reducing your electricity costs.

Retail electricity providers generate electricity price offerings based on your historically usage data. We are able to obtain this data quickly and gather rates from our suppliers to be presented clearly in a proposal. The benefit to this process is that electricity providers are able to know exactly what they will need to deliver over the course of their terms and are able to reduce their retail margins significantly. The alternative that many companies mistakenly agree to is to sign up on a “one size fits all” rate that is priced significantly higher than a custom offer.

The key difference in these prices is based around how the electricity provider purchases the power they will then distribute to their customers. Many suppliers will buy a large portion of the power needed to serve their customers intermittently at market rates. Wholesale power rates fluctuate tremendously and to account for these fluctuations, prices that are greatly marked up to ensure a provider’s profitability in intact regardless of market conditions.

Dallas Electricity Prices and Rates understands that business’ have unique needs and that understanding how your business consumes electricity can make a tremendous difference in cost savings.

Our process is simple. With an understanding of your company’s electricity consumption, we are able to quickly turn around a comprehensive, easy to understand proposal of options to best manage your electricity costs. Electricity provider retail margins are reduced to their minimum and arranged by term for your review.



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